4 Must-Have Guitar Effect Pedals That Can Be Bought Online

F2 1 - 4 Must-Have Guitar Effect Pedals That Can Be Bought Online

Most effect pedals are meant for electric guitars. These pedals produce a variety of sounds, melodies and music settings that will surely come in handy when you’re rocking out. An electric guitar, even if it is the most expensive one will be lonely without these pedals.

Thanks to technology, you are now able to buy all your guitar accessories online. So, here are the 7 must have guitar effect pedals that you can buy online today.

Octave Pedal

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This pedal was a game changer in the music industry when it was introduced by legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix back in 1967. The pedal, from its name, produces that octave doubling effect above a fundamental note.

The octave pedal can be tricky especially if you don’t have a neck pickup and aren’t that familiar with the tone knobs for the volume and boost of this pedal.

The octave pedal was one of Hendrix’s signature pedals and many other guitarists out there. So, if you’re looking to put together a Jimi Hendrix pedal board, then you can’t leave out the octave pedal from the mix.

Chorus Pedal

guitar pedal2 - 4 Must-Have Guitar Effect Pedals That Can Be Bought Online

The chorus pedal is the equivalent of a choir singing in full blast. If you are familiar with this effect, then you are well aware of the vibrato or frequency variations it brings to the table. This pedal is generally a doubling effect pedal that mixes sound, timbre and pitch. The rock band Nirvana back in the days were mostly seen using this effect.

To sum it all up a chorus pedal somehow turns the sound of a single guitar to a collection of other instruments playing at the same time. That is what we meant about the chorus pedal is the choir of the effect pedal roster. Pretty cool right?

Boost Pedal

guitar tuners - 4 Must-Have Guitar Effect Pedals That Can Be Bought Online

If you’re going to buy a boost pedal, you might as well get the best one and that will cost you some money but it will be worth your while. Just like buying the most expensive guitar you can buy not because of the price tag but because of the quality you’re certain that it comes with that price rate.

One big misconception is that boost pedals boost volume but that’s not it. A boost pedal allows guitarists more gain from the amp with more signal. So, you don’t get a dirty and distorted sound. You get the nice, clean, lean and loud volume you want.

There are different kinds of boost pedals, you have the clean boost, treble boost, preamp boost, EQ boost and more. You’re going to have to choose one that best suits your music style.

Wah pedal

guitar pedal4 - 4 Must-Have Guitar Effect Pedals That Can Be Bought Online

The wah-wah pedal or the cry baby as most musicians call it. So, in short, this pedal makes that “wahhhhh” sound that is emitted with boosting lower frequencies with higher frequencies.

This pedal is also basically a pedal and not just a button you press with your feet. If you’re still having a hard time determining this pedal’s sound, just scream “wah” for a long time and there you have it.

This wah pedal can be used for different guitar playing styles like strumming, picking, fingerstyle and more. But boosting a lead solo with this pedal is always a great choice no matter what genre of music you’re on.

If you want a great example of the pedal, listen to Rage Against the Machine’s “Bulls on Parade” track.

Keep in mind that there are more effects and pedals out there. Be sure to do some research before buying just any old pedal online.

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