5 Most Expensive Bass Guitar Brands

F5 - 5 Most Expensive Bass Guitar Brands

When it comes to electric and acoustic guitars, you’ve got Fender, Gibson, Martin and Taylor standing on top. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most expensive bass guitar brands out there.


bbb - 5 Most Expensive Bass Guitar Brands

Rickenbacker supplied The Beatles their instruments when they took the music world by storm. Today, Rickenbacker bass guitars are among the best and most expensive basses out there.

Rickenbacker basses are known for their Rick-O-Sound, and two output jacks on the guitar. If you want one, you’ll need at least $2000.

But you can’t deny the quality sound coming from this bad boy. Rickenbacker has a wide range of bass guitar models ranging from the 4003SW all the way to the 4004Cii Cheyenne. Most of their bass products are made with solid body type, 20 frets, combi tailpiece, combi bridge and humbucking pickups.


Schecter bass guitars were played by a wide range of artists from different genres including Motley Crue, Marilyn Manson, Avenged Sevenfold all the way to Kendrick Lamar’s ensemble. Schecter is mainly for the world of rock.

You can choose from their different bass series like Riot, Apocalypse, Omen Extreme, Hellraiser Extreme and more, so much more. Their basses start at $500 a-piece and that tag only goes higher from there.


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Ibanez offers four-string and five-string bass guitars. Ibanez’ bass guitar line is pretty extensive as they offer hollow body products that give you that balanced acoustic tone. It will cost you at least $600 for one Ibanez bass guitar and that is one of their standard models.

Ibanez’ has its signature bass models inspired by elite bassists like Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner, Sharlee D’Angelo, Mike D’Antonio, Gerald Veasley, Adam Nitti, and Gary Willis.

This brand also has its signature models and you’re going to need at least a thousand dollars or most likely more if you want to buy one of them.

C.F. Martin & Company

Specifically, the Martin BCPA4 Guitar. A fine combination of acoustic and electric tone in one four string bass guitar. This bass is right and left friendly.

The BCPA4 has a sapele back, J-style body, Fishman Matrix VT Enhance NT2 and that full honed tone you just can’t resist. It also has an X-Brace bracing pattern, gloss finish top and Sitka spruce top material.

This product is going to cost you $2199 for the guitar with all the body features mentioned above and Martin’s authentic acoustic strings.


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Fender is on top when it comes to electric, acoustic and bass guitars, no doubt about that. This renowned brand has a number of bass guitar models in its arsenal including the Jaguar, Mustang, Squier, Jazz and Precision.

A piece of advice, you can’t go wrong with an American Performer Precision Bass and you can own it for only $1199. We know, the word “only” is a bit cruel in that context.

You can also get a Fender Justin Meldal-Johnsen Road Worn Mustang bass for one grand.

You can’t go wrong with these brands and remember to put the price tag aside because you’ll be cherishing any of these guitars for many years.

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