The Best Guitar Strings in the World Today

F8 - The Best Guitar Strings in the World Today

Guitar strings are just as important as electric and acoustic guitars. In fact, they’re more important because, without these beautiful set of strings, there would be nothing to pluck, strum, shred, tap, and pick.

Now, here are the best guitar string products out there you can buy right this second.

Ernie Ball

You can’t talk guitar strings without bringing up the great entrepreneur Ernie Ball. These string products were used by Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Metallica, Slash and more. A standard Ultra Slinky will cost you at least $14 to $15.


If you want a product favorite, you can go for the Ernie Ball Paradigm for $14.99.

Ernie Ball strings are excellence defined from the ball end to the wrap wire all the way to the core wire. You get a great balance of output, treble, midrange and bass out of these strings.


s - The Best Guitar Strings in the World Today

Elixir is one of Ernie Ball’s biggest competitors in selling the best guitar strings. Elixir offers a variety of strings for different types of guitars and the best thing is that these strings are available with different gauges.

For example, Elixir’s acoustic Phosphor Bronze with Nanoweb Coating comes with 7 gauges: extra light, custom light, light, light medium, medium, HD light and 12-string light. You can buy this particular product for $15.99

Elixir offers Nanoweb, Polyweb and Optiweb guitar strings for different string instruments including guitars, bass guitars, mandolins and banjos. The guitar prodigy Sungha Jung played the string product mentioned above.


Another great competitor in the guitar string stage. Right off the bat, D’Addario NYXL electric guitar strings are considered as one of the toughest strings there are. Purchasing an NYXL set string will cost you $12.99.

That price is justified with the product’s break-resistant design, plain steel alloy, high-carbon steel core and 131% tuning stability.

If you want a more balanced string, then go for the Balanced Tension XL strings for only $5.59. D’Addario has strings for classical guitars, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, banjos, mandolins and even for an entire orchestra.

Optima Strings

All the way from Germany. By now, you’re surely familiar with the rock band Queen. A film biography movie was just released in 2018 for them. If you know the band, then you know Brian May, right? If you don’t then you might want to do a quick search on the internet.

May is the band’s lead guitarist. He has his signature strings by Optima, the Optima Gold Brian May Signature strings. These strings are literally made of 24-karat gold and it will cost you $22.99 per set.

Optima not only sells strings but most of the string instruments including the harp.

Optima also has the Frank Zappa 24K Gold strings. So it’s totally up to you.

Form Diplo offers these guitar string brands and more. We’ll make sure to give you the products you’re looking for in exchange for the best rates.

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