3 Awe-Inspiring Beasts with the Electric Guitar

F7 - 3 Awe-Inspiring Beasts with the Electric Guitar

If you’re talking about the best of the best when it comes to the electric guitar, you’re going to think Hendrix of course. That’s a given, but for this article let’s first set aside that demigod and talk about other men who gave the best guitar riffs, melodies and solos.

Angus Young

Let’s take time to remember AC/DC’s lead guitarist Angus Young and his impact in the music world. When Young’s name pops up, minds immediately go to insane guitar solos, “Highway to Hell,” and of course, the Guitar Spasm, Young’s signature rock and roll move.

Young would open, play and close AC/DC’s tracks with magnificent guitar solos and he’ll do all of that while moving around like a madman on stage. Have you seen AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” at River Plate in Buenos Aires in 2009?

If you have then you know why Young is one of the best. It is always an unforgettable experience to see Young with his devil horns and topless get up on stage while shredding on an electric guitar.

B.B. King (Riley B. King)

The King of the Blues or B.B. the King of the Beasts they call him was a blues artisan with Lucille. That’s the name he gave to his guitar by the way. The King gave the world the best guitar solos from his hit songs like “The Thrill is Gone,” “Three O’Clock Blues,” “Don’t Answer the Door,” “Why I Sing the Blues,” and so much more.

Many people including famous artists agreed that King understood Blues better than anyone before and after him. King has his own guitar series the Lucille by Gibson. This series is made up of archtop guitars that are perfect for playing the blues. Lucille guitars are for sale for at least $1000 to $5500.

Eddie Van Halen

Eddie is one of those people blessed by the God of Rock. He was the legendary lead guitarist for the legendary band, Van Halen. Eddie’s music career can be summed up with his trademark riffs.

Eddie changed rock guitar when he introduced the two-handed tapping and echo tricks to the music industry.

With his skills and influence, Eddie built his own electric guitar brand the EVH. The brand is renowned for its Stripped series that represents Eddie’s signature guitars in the past. You can also get the Wolfgang or the Frankenstein guitar from EVH.

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